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About Sarah Jeffries, Founder of First Aid Courses Manchester

Established in 2011, First Aid Courses Manchester was born from Sarah Jeffries' deeply personal journey – one interwoven with loss and a resolute commitment to arm others with crucial life-saving knowledge. The tragic and unexpected loss of a dear friend to sudden cardiac arrest, exacerbated by the inability of any bystander to administer effective first aid, propelled Sarah onto a path of both self-education and wider societal empowerment.

Finding existing training both uninspiring and wearisomely extensive, often punctuated by 8-hour PowerPoint presentations, Sarah conceived First Aid Courses Manchester with a simple yet potent ambition: to offer engaging, practical life-saving courses to local communities and businesses. Eschewing traditional, dull training methodologies, Sarah innovated a unique approach, marrying immersive hands-on experiences with multimedia components, all delivered in her authentically relatable style.

First Aid Courses Manchester, guided seamlessly by Sarah, not only provides vital knowledge in an accessible and engaging manner but also fosters deeper understanding and retention of life-saving skills amongst its participants. The company persists in its quest to empower people with the knowledge and confidence to act decisively and effectively in emergent situations.

Our Objectives at First Aid Courses Manchester

First Aid Courses Manchester navigates its mission with clear, focused objectives, centralising on one principle: empowering individuals and organisations with the vital knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively to life-threatening situations, particularly sudden cardiac arrests. Here are our core objectives:

  • Promote Lifesaving Knowledge: We aim to disseminate critical first aid knowledge, enhancing communal ability to manage emergencies, potentially saving lives and mitigating injury impacts.
  • Foster Engaging Learning Environments: Ensuring that Sarah Jeffries' innovative and engaging teaching methodology is deeply embedded in our training sessions, we’re devoted to facilitating a learning environment that is interactive and avoids the tedium of conventional training models, ensuring optimal retention and practical understanding.
  • Increase Accessibility: Central to our mission is the democratisation of life-saving courses. We strive to envelop a broad range of the community, providing affordable and thorough training to ensure that essential skills are accessible to all.
  • Continuous Improvement and Adaptation: A steadfast commitment to continuous refinement and evolution of our training programmes enables us to integrate the latest in first aid research, technology, and teaching methodologies. We pledge to keep abreast of medical and educational advances to provide the most efficacious training available.
  • Raise Awareness: By highlighting the critical importance of first aid and CPR training, we aim to bolster public awareness regarding the pivotal role of immediate and correct intervention in enhancing survival rates during medical emergencies, thereby encouraging more people to undertake training.